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Massimo - No Offense

Massimo - No Offense Track Listing
  • Confusion (5:41)
  • Where The World Ends (8:24)
  • When Space & Time Begin (11:16)
  • Nowhere In Sight (5:49)
  • Angel World (8:10)
  • Urban Senerade (Part I) (7:38)
  • Urban Senerade (Part II) (7:09)
  • And Yet There Is Snow (9:55)
  • A Touch You Won't Feel (8:39)
  • The Light Keeper (6:10)

Massimo - Drums & Cymbals

Guest Musicians:
John Swana - EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument), Trumpet
Jim Ridl - Acoustic & Electric Piano
Darryl Hall - Acoustic & Electric Bass
Ativana N'Bacchio - Percussion
Vania Taylor - Vocals on "Urban Serenade"


My second album. It's been recorded live in the studio. It features John Swana on E.V.I. and Trumpet (he recently recorded on John Scofield's latest album), Jim Ridl on Acoustic & Electric Piano (he's known for his work with Pat Martino, Dave Liebman, and his own projects), Darryl Hall on Acoustic & Electric Bass (he won the Thelonius Monk International Bass Competition in 1995, and he's currently with the Gerry Allen Trio). Also vocalist Vania Taylor on one cut, and Ativana N'Bacchio on Percussion on two tracks.

There are 3 tunes played by the acoustic trio setting, and 3 tunes done by the electric trio. The other 4 tunes are played in a quartet setting with the E.V.I.

The most intense songs are: "Confusion" (the melody is in 9/4), "Where The World Ends" (check out John's solo on E.V.I.), "Nowhere In Sight" by (Funk/Fusion), and "Urban Serenade Pt.1".

Track 3, "Where Space & Time Begin", has a very mysterious and haunting melody. The tune at first seems like a ballad, but it builds up to a drum solo. "Angel World", "And Yet There Is Snow" & "The Light Keeper", all have a Latin flavor with a hint of Fusion. "Urban Serenade Pt.2" is a ballad with some vocals, but it gets funkier during the electric piano solo. Lastly, "A Touch You Wont Feel", is a 3/4 jazz piece which features Swana on Trumpet.

Very raw sounding project. A lot of interactive improvisation. If you need to be stimulated, rather then play it safe, than this one is for you.

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