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Massimo - The Missing Pieces

Massimo - The Missing Pieces Track Listing
  • Short Ride (1:25)
  • Indiana Jones (4:54)
  • Solo (2:23)
  • Raw Geometry (5:28)
  • Perseveria (6:27)
  • Fermezza (5:38)
  • Solo [2] (3:48)
  • Maciste (4:59)
  • Dario's Dream (3:00)
  • Against (1:17)
  • Wooden Skin (2:11)
  • Indian Star (3:25)
  • For Billy (1:51)
  • Bamboo Play (2:28)
  • Variation On A System (3:58)
  • Lock Ness (3:42)
  • Fermezza [2] (2:34)
  • Dark Beauty (2:59)
  • Loss (3:36)
  • Diagonal Tower (4:57)

Massimo - Drums, V-Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Sampler, Composer

Guest Musicians:
John Swana - EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument)
Sal Giorgianni - Tenor Sax, Flute
Fernao Addanz - Keyboards, KAT
Jim Ridl - Keyboards
Ativana N'Bacchio - Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass, MIDI Bass


Massimo's latest project is dominated by short pieces, many of them written for beautifully fake mallet instruments and real drums. The approach is refreshingly primitive. Many words come to mind when attempting to describe "The Missing Pieces": surreal, haunting, mysterious, dream-like and let's not forget... stimulating!

Massimo's exploration of the boundaries between art and reality, and for his distortion of every day recurring patterns and experimentation with rhythmic shapes, make for an interesting listening experience. The highly imaginative compositions create a fantastic and indescribable dream-universe all their own, one which must ultimately pay attention to in order to be fully appreciated. It is always good to "listen" when musicians are constantly progressing.

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