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Gino Foti

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Gino Foti - Xenosonic Journeys Samples

For Those Who Die With All Their Music In Them (1'09") Stream Download
Latter part of piano solo, and first half of call-and-response section between piano & bass guitar.

Stream of Part I
Citizen Of The World (1'05") Stream Download
Piano & fretless bass as lead voices over several sections, featuring Indonesian Dangdut rhythms.

Ten Directions (1'08") Stream Download
Part of the second electric guitar solo & main themes, backed by two bass guitars and tabla set.

Stream of Part II
Latitudes And Longitudes (1'10") Stream Download
Part of bass guitar lead break, transition section, and start of the second electric guitar solo.

Full-length Stream
Pathless Lands (1'10") Stream Download
Latin & flamenco-influenced sections with classical guitar, bass guitar & drum kit rhythm section.

Stream of Part II
Saraswati (1'04") Stream Download
Female voice and lead bass guitar, backed by Indian hand percussion and a rhythm bass guitar.

Full-length Stream
Measure Of The Universe (1'16") Stream Download
Techno-influenced call-and-response between bass, synth & piano, and part of piano lead section.

Stream of Part II
La Convivencia (1'09") Stream Download
Fretless solo, backed by doumbek, electronic beats & guitar, and start of electric guitar solo.

Full-length Stream
Symbiotic Realms (1'07") Stream Download
Fretless bass guitar over a plethora of synths, electronic beats, and udu - a Nigerian clay pot drum.

Full-length Stream
Wayfaring (1'12") Stream Download
Improvised piano melody, backed by bass guitar, tabla set, atmospheric percussion & synthesizers.

Chrysalis Of Eternity (1'12") Stream Download
Call-and-response section between piano, fretless bass, and lead synth over rhythm section in 13/8.

Full-length Stream
Among Sacred Rivers [Bonus Track] (1'13") Stream Download
Vedic chanting over a bed of synthesizers, and Indian-influenced rhythm section.

Stream of Part I

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