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Artists & Bands

  • Al-Andalus - Performs a unique blend of Andalusian and Western music.
  • Sara Alexander - Mix of jazz and progressive music with sonorities from several cultures.
  • Marc Anderson - Master percussionist who is well versed in exotic rhythms from throughout the globe.
  • Animus - Pushing the boundaries and borders of music from all over the world.
  • Ancient Future - Website of the internationally acclaimed world fusion group. Myriad related resources.
  • ASZA - Four acoustic musicians from four cultures weaving their traditions into an exotic blend of music.
  • Chick Corea - Official website of the master keyboardist, composer, and arranger.
  • Dead Can Dance - Portal to information about the current projects of past members.
  • Al Di Meola - Official homepage of the virtuoso guitarist. News, tour dates, merchandise, etc.
  • Tyson Emanuel - Guitarist who plays with an emphasis on emotional meaning and deep thought.
  • Esthema - Ensemble influenced by Balkan, Middle East, Progressive Rock & various styles of Jazz.
  • Ethnic Fusion Sound - Home of Rik Hambra. Alchemy of modern and ancient ethnic music styles.
  • EthniFusion - Ethnic-influenced melodies woven on jazz-rock structures.
  • EthnoSuperLounge - Network of musicians based in Australia, Japan, and India.
  • Falik - Duo that performs "exotic folk electronica" with an Irish bouzoki and doumbek.
  • Robert Falk - Multi-instrumentalist and producer specializing in afro-jazz fusion & pan-African music.
  • Friedsitar - Trio that plays Indian music mixed with Western jazz.
  • Niel Golden - Inter-cultural hand percussionist specializing on tabla and hang.
  • Mickey Hart - Ex-Grateful Dead drummer, now a world music mainstay as part of Planet Drum.
  • Homeless Balloon - Acoustic & electronic chillout music from Norwegian composer Helge Krabye.
  • Zakir Hussein - Classical tabla master's website and record label information.
  • Many Hands - New Zealand-based percussion group inspired by the rhythms of many different cultures.
  • Maya Soleil - Ensemble that blends traditional African dance with progressive jazz fusion.
  • John McLaughlin - Iconic guitarist and leader of bands like the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Shakti.
  • Neon Egypt - Improvisational jazz and world fusion music duo.
  • David Newby - Composer of eclectic soundscapes in many styles & genres, including world fusion.
  • Joe Newnam - Sitarist/multi-instrumentalist who specializes in experimental world fusion.
  • Oregon - Official site of this unique quartet that integrates jazz, classical, and world music.
  • Jaco Pastorius - Website of the innovator of the fretless bass guitar. Former Weather Report member.
  • Abbas Premjee - Guitarist who has recently taken up the mohan veena - a hybrid between guitar & sitar.
  • Hossam Ramzy - Official homepage of the virtuoso percussionist. Egypt's "Ambassador of Rhythm".
  • Rare Blend - Where rock, jazz, fusion, and world music collide. Instrumental band from Ohio.
  • Robert Rich - Pioneer of ambient music whose works frequently crossover into world fusion.
  • Kareem Roustom - Guitar and oud player. Performs classical Arab as well as jazz/world fusion.
  • Carlos Solorzano - Adapts world rhythms to the standard drum kit. Highly unique sound.
  • Sundad - Acoustic guitar instrumental father/son duo. Blend of New Age & World Fusion.
  • Steve Tibbetts - Site of the multi-instrumentalist featuring reviews, tour dates, and online ordering.
  • Ut Gret - Pan-idiomatic band blending progressive rock, jazz, folk, and European classical with world music.
  • Jai Uttal - Official website of the vocalist and The Pagan Love Orchestra.
  • Ron van Stratum - Drummer who has worked with Mike Stern, Mike Mainieri & other fusion legends.
  • Glen Velez - Website of the influential percussionist and frame drum master.
  • Visions Of A Nomad - Eclectic blend of neo-classical & jazz/world fusion, featuring the didgeridoo.
  • Zenday - LA-based band that plays a unique mix of East-meets-West transcedental world rock fusion.

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Dealers, Distributors, & Retailers

  • Abstract Logix - News, reviews, interviews, and a CD store for fans of jazz fusion and world music.
  • Audiophile Imports - Importing jazz-rock and world fusion CDs since 1986.
  • Backroads Music - Largest U.S. mail-order source (will accept e-mail or phone orders) of many genres.
  • Band Village - Paving the way for independent musicians. Also has a jazz fusion section.
  • Calabash Music - The world's first fair trade music company. CD, DVD, and MP3 store.
  • CD Baby - The "gold standard" for independent music.
  • CFTA - CDs-From-The-Artist: The home of rare independent music. Hand-picked by the staff.
  • CD Roots - Music from the road less traveled. Includes many imports not readily found elsewhere.
  • Deva World - Huge catalog with very specific categories to make it easier to find your favorite sub-genre.
  • Down Home Music - Large selection, including traditional music from throughout the globe.
  • Dusty Groove America - Chicago-based dealer specializing in groove-oriented jazz and global fusion.
  • Earth Vibe Music - UK-based store that sells CDs as well as instruments and percussion.
  • GEMM - The world's largest music marketplace.
  • New Age World Music - Just what the name says. Music for the new thought community.
  • - Manufacturer of on-demand CDs with original artwork at full audio resolution.
  • Sound Spaces - Your planetary music source. Vast catalog encompassing all world hybrids.
  • White Swan Music - Wholesale music distributor with a catalog of over 1500 titles from around the world.

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Indie music sites

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  • Accretions - Artist-based independent record label with an ear towards global, experimental music.
  • ARC Music - British-based label that encompasses all world music genres.
  • A.R.P. Music - Records and distributes releases in both traditional and fusion styles of world music.
  • Bardo Records - Record label of virtuoso bassist Jonas Hellborg and guitarist Shawn Lane.
  • Domo Records - Label of Kitaro and other new age/world music artists.
  • Global Dragon - Indie label fusing traditional world music with technology and electronica.
  • Jonkey Enterprises - Tribal, jungle, drum, world fusion, ethnic & native american music.
  • Marshmellow Records - Canadian boutique label specializing in instrumental fusion releases.
  • Narada - Extensive catalog across a variety of genres, including world fusion. Owned by EMI.
  • Putamayo - One of the best-known labels whose music is "guaranteed to make you feel good!"
  • Real World Records - Label founded by Peter Gabriel. World-class music from all corners of the globe.
  • Rukus Avenue - Blending the cultural elements of the Asian sub-continent with the rest of the world.
  • Tre Lune Records - Italian-based label and distributor specializing in instrumental world fusion.

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Magazines & Review sites

  • Alternate Music Press - Excellent review site that covers all genres, including world fusion.
  • - Part of the Jordan Music Group. Also includes news and interviews.
  • Dirty Linen - American bi-monthly magazine that celebrates traditional folk and world music.
  • EER Music - The premier review site for jazz fusion, world fusion, and all other instrumental hybrids.
  • Global Rhythm - Monthly magazine featuring coverage of world music, film, cuisine, and travel.
  • Instrumental Music Reviews - by Chris Ruel. Includes some world fusion music reviews.
  • 'LA' Ritmo - Latin American Rhythm magazine with news, reviews, interviews, etc.
  • One Way Magazine - Everything for the music enthusiast. Eclectic music for discernable listeners.
  • Progressive Music Reviews - Country and genre-related CD reviews, including prog and psych rock.
  • - A cultural arts magazine with extensive reviews across the musical spectrum.
  • Serge Kozlovsky - Independent reviewer whose main focus is New Age, but world fusion is also covered.
  • Six Moons - Reviews, as well as news, other industry features, and reviews on audio equipment.
  • Songlines - Covers the world's most exciting music from traditional to contemporary and fusion.

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Portals, News, and other links

  • All About Jazz - Comprehensive portal that includes jazz fusion and world fusion sub-genres.
  • Different Lands - Vertical portal devoted to world fusion music and visual arts.
  • Ethnomusicology Resources - Jump site to ethnic music websites, categorized by country.
  • Inside World Music - Where the sounds of the world harmonize. CD reviews, MP3s, interviews, and more.
  • Jazz Fusion TV - Collection of audio/video files from some of jazz/world fusion's most influential artists.
  • Jazz Rock World - News, events, forum, photo gallery, trivia, surveys, and much more.
  • Jazz World Quest - Features profiles and compositions of several jazz/world fusion artists.
  • - A keyword map of the Internet for the term "world fusion".
  • Musicas Del Mundo - World music portal in Spanish.
  • Music Galley - Devoted to musicians moving beyond boundaries, creating an intelligent fusion of styles.
  • Odd Music - For anyone interested in unique, unusual, ethnic, or experimental music and instruments.
  • Rhythms Of The Globe - Music, art, and a global chat room with instant translation in several languages.
  • - Free promotion service that gives artists exposure to the buying public.
  • World Beat Planet - Covers all sorts of genres, including world music hybrids.
  • World Music Central - World music portal that lives up to its name. Myriad links and resources.
  • World Music Links - Another collection of sites of interest to world fusion music aficionados.
  • World Music Network - Produces 'Rough Guide' music compilations, and releases on Riverboat Records.

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Radio stations

  • Attention Span Radio - Channel ASR 1 is devoted to post-60's jazz, including fusion.
  • Eargasm - An eclectic mix of styles, including: jazz, fusion, rock, blues, and funk.
  • Echoes - Syndicated radio shows, satellite radio broadcasts, podcasts, etc. of myriad styles and genres.
  • Fuse This Jazz - Internet radio program that is part of
  • - Devoted to high-energy, instrumental jazz-rock fusion.
  • Global Mix - Big ears and an open mind. Hosted by Goran Satler on KNTU 88.1 FM.
  • Gyroscope - Daily radio program from WERS - Emerson College, Boston. Also available online.
  • Jazz & More - The premier Jazz and eclectic music showcase in NY's Finger Lakes region.
  • Latch Music - Jazz-rock/world fusion streaming radio station. Home of keyboardist Dave Latchaw.
  • Media Positive Radio - Your positive listening pathway to discovery.
  • Mixed Bag - Your program of musical discovery. Hosted by George Graham on WVIA 89.7 FM.
  • New Consciousness Radio - Music with a positive message of unity & community. Hosted by Tom Averna.
  • Psyche Van Het Folk - Progressive fusions and crossovers program from Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Radio io World - Your world. Your station. No boundaries. Hosted by Tom Frouge.
  • Tangents - Radio program featuring various world music, roots music, and creative jazz hybrids.
  • The World Beat - Host/Producer: Mark Thomas on KMSU 89.7 FM and KMSK 91.3 FM in Minnesota.
  • The Fusion Show - WCSB 89.3 FM Cleveland, Ohio. Fridays 1-3 P.M. Randy Allar, DJ
  • WEER -, online station of EER-Reviews.
  • WMNF 88.5 FM Tampa, FL. - Sunday Evening Jazz Clinic with Robert Cunningham.
  • - Internet radio featuring artists of the Ancient Future coalition.
  • World Fusion Radio - What the future sounds like. Features world beat/electronica side of the spectrum.
  • World Fusion @ Soundclick - List of online radio stations that feature Sound Click artists/bands.

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