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Gino Foti - Bhavachakra Samples

Akusala-Mula (The Three Poisons) (1'00") Stream Download
Electric guitars playing main rhythm and various themes over a complex synth bed

Sidpa Bardo (Intermediate State) (0'30") Stream Download
Ambient acoustic piano themes in free time over a drifting synth bed

Devas (Gods) (1'02") Stream Download
Hammered dulcimer (left), erhu (center), and pipa (right) exchanging rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic ideas

Asuras (Titans) (0'56") Stream Download
Fade-in introduction and first rhythmic theme of "A" section. Cymbals, vox, guitar, and tabla

Pretas (Hungry Ghosts) (1'01") Stream Download
Ambient guitar and effected piano themes over a complex synth bed

Narakas (Hell Beings) (0'46") Stream Download
Solo overdriven guitar played with an E-Bow

Tiryakas (Animals) (0'48") Stream Download
Flute themes played over complex synth beds

Manushyas (Humans) (1'00") Stream Download
Arpeggiated guitar, flute, and synth bed backing the chanting of "The Prayer for Harmony and Peace"

Avijja (Ignorance) (0'43") Stream Download
Chinese temple flute themes over a drifting synth bed and drones

Sankhara (Karmic Formations) (0'53") Stream Download
Keyboard themes over a complex synth bed and various ethnic percussion

Vinnana (Consciousness) (0'41") Stream Download
Acoustic piano themes over drifting synth pads

Nama-Rupa (Name & Form) (1'01") Stream Download
Spike fiddle themes over a bed of ambient percussion, "Aum" chants, and effected flute

Salayatana (Six Sense Spheres) (1'00") Stream Download
End of sitar solo and beginning of flute solo, both backed by tabla set and rhythm guitar

Phassa (Contact) (0'58") Stream Download
Solo acoustic piano themes in free time

Vedana (Feeling) (0'37") Stream Download
Asian flute themes over a drifting synth bed

Tanha (Craving) (0'59") Stream Download
Guitar themes backed by synth bed, vox, and effected percussion

Upadana (Grasping) (1'00") Stream Download
Part of the keyboard solo over a bed of rhythm guitar, sabahar, ghatam, hi-hat and synth pads

Bhava (Becoming) (0'37") Stream Download
Acoustic piano themes in free time over a synth bed

Jati (Birth) (0'42") Stream Download
Part of the Oriental flute solo over a complex instrumental bed

Jara-Marana (Decay & Death) (1'00") Stream Download
Fade-in intro and ambient keyboard themes over a complex bed and effected percussion

Yama Raja (Lord of Death) (0'52") Stream Download
Dissonant keyboard chords and temple bell over synth vox and pads

Amitabha (Buddha Of Infinite Light) (1'04") Stream Download
Chanting of the "Namo Amitabha" over a synth bed transitions to acoustic piano themes

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