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Massimo - GrooveYards

Massimo - GrooveYards Track Listing
  • Brewing Bitches (9:38) [Swana, Huff, Massimo]
  • Pericles (6:26)
  • A Mark Of Love (6:57)
  • Temporary Reality (6:37)
  • The Awakening (7:16)
  • Unknown Complexity (3:34)
  • DayDream (2:49)
  • Three Elements (2:45)
  • GrooveYards (4:56) [Ridl, Massimo]
  • Bring On The Noise (5:43) [Shawn Q., Beskrone, Massimo]
  • Looney Tune (7:46) [Shawn Q., Huff, Massimo]
  • Minkia Expo (6:24)

Massimo - Drums, V-Drums, Keyboards, All Compositions, except where noted
John Swana - EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument), Trumpet
Chico Huff - Electric Bass

Guest Musicians:
Jim Ridl - Keyboards
Jason Shattil - Keyboards
Barry Sames - Keyboards
Shawn Q. - Electric Guitar
Daniele Pintaldi - Electric Guitar
Carl Fisher -Trumpet
Elken Bask - Alto Sax
Steve Beskrone - Electric Bass


The term 'GrooveYards' is appropriate for this album, although it may seem an extraordinary paradox. In the Jazz-Fusion tradition, the infinite number of possibilities offered by existing materials and forms are presented here. The expressive musical palettes seem so simple that one is tempted to think that anyone could employ them to equal effect. Yet when one listens to the compositions, it becomes obvious that Massimo's brilliant accomplishment consisted of having developed a syntax by which the employment of this found material could be controlled. For all their independence from traditional artistic techniques and the imitation of nature, it is surprising how much stylistic unity these works evince.

Let us try to define a few of the constants of this musical syntax. The most important is that Massimo's pieces, for all their strangeness, strive for overall coherence and technical plausibility. The music here requires a redefinition of categories, since the fabrication of such expression is bound up with a completely innovative notion of tradition. But enough with this simple talk.

Besides Massimo's surreal approach to composition, the word "quirky", and sometimes "humorous" surface. This collection of tunes are well put together and arranged, and once again Massimo has surrounded himself with top notch musicians laying down excellent performances - John Swana playing EVI and Trumpet; Chico Huff on Electric Bass, augmented by several guest musicians. Four of the twelve tracks on this project (Brewing Bitches, GrooveYards, Bring On The Noise and Looney Tune) are practically studio jams making them adventurous more than those produced. In the end, Massimo's GrooveYards is decidedly different, but VERY entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable.

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