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Massimo - Lethal Blend

Massimo - Lethal Blend Track Listing
  • Lethal Blend
  • Evanescence
  • Pandimensional
  • Hold the Grip
  • Outworld
  • One Last Time
  • Jack “Check” Balance
  • Alchemico D’Amore
  • It’s All Connected
  • Artificial Sleep
  • Downside of the Upside World

Massimo - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, All Compositions

Guest Musicians:
Jim Ridl - Acoustic & Electric Piano
Ativana N’Bacchio - Acoustic & Electric Bass


I think of my music as being always inventive, but never just for the sake of being clever with powerful unhortodoxed melodies, virtuoso playing and surreal musical landscapes; the result borders on ecstatic visions of pure energy, complexity and emotion. Intense yet sophisticated.

Dennis F. Natoli (Citizen of Sound & Words)

"Upon all of the social media's 'Electra Parlor' finds, many are somewhat questionable, some kinda interesting. Then along the self strategy moving about a 'True Art Find' happens--- wow --- here we go. And we find ourselves returning to the particular Artist over and over to see & hear where the 'Continuum Journey' goes to next. In discovering the Music & all-out Creatives of, Massimo DeAngelis, I found renewed conscious interest in social media's plight. 'LETHAL BLEND,' Massimo's title & concept to his newest recording, a well 'Blended' offering of Music delivers lethally --- watch out.. The fine mix of soloing, from all percussives to keyboards & bass weaves all together within an exchange inventive, sometimes off road witty and always on point --- Music above the fray of what is out there.

The varietal percussives of, Massimo, in particular reconceptualize the earthed and celestial spectrum of possibilities owing not the usual demands of a mostly commercialized vague assembly of ensembles. His 'Lethal Blending' blends it his way. There's much to indulge one within the recording. I shall overindulge in select centerstagings.

The title composition, and first track, 'Lethal Blend,' a cool subtle blend like a joyous ride to that particular place to be discovered and eventually return as life's improvisations go and go and go, lethal, perhaps the discovery of the musical journey.

'Pandimensional,' a heady endeavor that seems to mix earthy South American and European, in and out a revisiting Americana sound world of shadow play dimensionals, Massimo's, cross-referencing oeuvre enlightenment, a unique sing/song where all instruments take one to that place. No passport required...

'Outerworld,' blending himself with himself --- perfect body-mind-soul Music of silky abstractives, 'Outworld.' When the Creative Artist attains that exclusive self-within-self sound understanding what exist out exist deep within.

'Alchemico D' Amore.' The Italian Composer, Massimo, as mystic romantic wonderer. Reflectives appear as a transforming 'Muse of Shadows' wandering in & out tales created expressed eloquently by piano . There's much to this relatively short piece that stays with the listener long after the Music travels onward infinite...

' Artificial Sleep,' The other side of a dream quest, ethereal contemplationsomewhere between tender corridors of classical expressions to a there rem inner eyes going to a unique comforting jazz moving, moving..

The improvising musician creates a varsity close to supernatural relationship unto each others silence --- a particular 'Speak' the ultra side of sound dialogue enveloping a dance indulgence unity, beat to beat, pulse to pulse, being to being realized , actualized as each one become the instruments every motion upon 'Downside of the Upside World.'

'Lethal Blend' delivers as I recall the 'Great Wayne Shorter,' once said, fitting for, Massimo DeAngelis' Music: " I always think of music as interior decoration. So, if you have all kinds of music, you are fully decorated."

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