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Massimo - Back Catalog

Massimo's back catalog - comprised of new compositions in a variety of genres, joint projects, and alternate versions/remixes of a few of his arrangements - is now available in the MP3 Album format.

Massimo - Alternate Search Alternate Search

A blend of jazz, funk and electronica featuring solos by trumpeter John Swana.

Track listing: Cuban Funk, Surprise Party, Technologique, Porn Funk, Pelea Condita, Shortcut, Clarity Blues, Rainbow Strike, Feelings of Love, Xander Zone, Communication Tower, Funky Cave Drawings.

Massimo - Child Care Mix Child Care Mix

Twelve compositions for children that evoke their innocence, as well as their dreams.

Track listing: Enchantment, Day Dream, Happy Thoughts, Our Baby, Before Dawn, Sleepy, My Baby's Dream, Veneration, Innocent Soul, Floating Ocean, Childhood, Stars.

Massimo - Coming Back Coming Back

Funky tunes with a heavy reliance on a horn section, featuring the tenor saxophone.

Track listing: Chase, Last Edition, Seconds to Spare, The Fact, Opposing Winds, Team Effort, Coming Back, Violated, The Campers.

Massimo - The March Of The Heart The March Of The Heart

Inspired by the Classical Romantic period, but also containing some ambient jazz compositions, it features the title track - a symphonic piece for flute, vibes, bassoon & french horn.

Track listing: March of the Heart, Terry Gilliam, Four Halfs, I Use to Say, S.I.B., Days Have Past, Hyper Signal, Scope, Etude.

Massimo - Truth & Error Truth & Error

A wild fusion ride with plenty of drums and keyboards.

Track listing: The Gate of the Dragon, A Fold in the Brain, The All Mighty, Performance Not Guaranteed, Gentle Rage, Cyborg, Tension Arose, The French Riviera, Heavy Colors, Desperate Tomatoes, Seven or Eight Times.

Massimo - Viaggiando & Immaginando Viaggiando & Immaginando

A musical adventure that will take the listener on a journey to a fantastic and dreamy place. All the tunes are sung in Italian, and the lyrics have been written with an intimate perception of reality and dreams. The musical language has the genuine intent of incouraging the listener to stretch the bounderies of the imagination. The songs create a fantastic and indescribable dream-universe all their own, one which must ultimately pay attention to in order to be fully appreciated.

Guido Posani & Massimo DeAngelis make use of their many musical influences that range from funk to pop, from rock to soul, from jazz fusion to the Italian song.

Track listing: Se Potessi Volare, Il Tuo Domani e' Gia' Qui, Prendimi la Mano, Nel Sole del Mattino, Il Viaggio, Adrenalina, In Questo Sogno Nuovo, Aspettando L'Alba Cuori di Plastica, Emozioni Diverse, Sentinelle nell'Infinito, Veneration.

Massimo - Wisdom Of The Sphinx Wisdom Of The Sphinx

Ethnic flavors throughout this release, although it is driven by sexy, funky rhythms.

Track listing: Sword Thief, Plastic Man, Jungle Hotel, Bottomed Out, Squeeze Play, Wisdom of the Sphinx, Maciste, Snake Totem, Access Denied, Imprinted Memories, Blue Lamp, Mist People.

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