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Massimo - Mind Expansion Kit

Massimo - Mind Expansion Kit Track Listing
  • Deep Rising
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Altered States
  • Days Have Past
  • Chasm
  • A Fold in the Brain
  • A Good Place to Be
  • Don't Just Do Something...Stand There
  • Invasion
  • Recoaro
  • Fangafrika
  • Wisdom
  • La Vista
  • Microtools
  • The Legend of Chun-Li
  • Vessel

Massimo - Drums, Perscussion, V-Drums, Keyboards, All Compositions

Guest Musicians:
John Swana - EVI
Shawn Q. - Guitars
Shaun Roberts - Guitar, Bass
Jason Shattil - Synthesizer
Barry Sames - Electric Piano
Fernao Addanz - KAT
Chico Huff - Bass Guitar
Ativana N'Bacchio - Midi Bass, Acoustic Bass
Carl Fisher - Trumpet
Sal Giorgianni - Flute
Steve Baxter - Trombone


Congratulations! You have earned access to this multi-colored musical journey.

"Expanding your mind" is harder than it sounds. In order to achieve it one must get past trap-door assumptions, and accept the breadth of possibilities that exist. Sometimes truth hides behind the fallacies of the familiar answers.

Massimo newest project "Mind Expansion Kit" will exercise your mind through three different styles and approaches to Fusion. The album has a dream like quality to it. The CD is broken up into three sections: Tracks 1 through 7 starts you off with undiluted hardcore tunes based upon the belief of certain forms of previously neglected musical associations. Tracks 8 through 12 brings the listener along a path where Jazz, Latin & Classical all meet but not at the same time. Finally, tracks 13 through 16, serving as a deceptive cool down, containing elements of Funk in a disinterested play of thought. Featuring John Swana, EVI - Shawn Q., Guitars - Chico Huff, Bass, "Mind Expansion Kit" is in essence a preparatory tool for Massimo's upcoming project.

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