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Gino Foti - Sphere Of Influence Samples

Infinite Realms Of Light And Dark (1'25") Stream Download
Second half of dizu (Chinese flute) solo transitions to ensemble playing over various rhythms and themes

Amor Y Poder (1'00") Stream Download
End of first classical guitar solo and beginning of first bass guitar solo, backed by two doumbeks

Heart And Mind United (1'00") Stream Download
Question-and-answer sections between piano and electric guitar, and recap of ensemble "fragmented" melody

Dancing On The Edge Of A Dream (1'00") Stream Download
Second half of right-channel and first half of left-channel classical guitar solos, over bossa feels

Degrees Of Force (1'02") Stream Download
End of piano solo, unison passages, and beginning of call-and-response solos between fretless bass and piano

Marirangwe (1'06") Stream Download
End of fretless bass solo in 6/8, mbira (thumb piano) melody, and beginning of djoun (African drums) solo

Within The Circles (1'10") Stream Download
Fretless bass solo over traditional rhythms and percussion instruments from Thailand

Saudade (0'55") Stream Download
Part of the piano solo over a chromatic progression, backed by guitar, fretless bass, and Latin percussion

Seafaring Soul (1'05") Stream Download
Acoustic piano solo backed by rhythm section including bass, two guitars, frame drum, and doumbek

One Day As A Lion (1'03") Stream Download
End of fretless bass solo in 7/8 and beginning of flute solo, backed by African percussion, vox, and instruments

Paths Of The Warrior (0'58") Stream Download
Bass guitar solo accompanied by classical guitar, bar chimes, and bell trees and part of the transition section

Ouroboros (1'00") Stream Download
Most of the call-and-response doumbeks section, and beginning of fretless bass guitar solo

Tender Shadows (0'59") Stream Download
Acoustic piano solo accompanied by classical guitar and beginning of guitar melody, all in 6/8 time signature

Prescient Visions (0'59") Stream Download
Dine (Navajo) vox section and beginning of fretless bass guitar solo, backed by drum kit, percussion, and flutes

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