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Massimo - The Visionary

Massimo - The Visionary Track Listing
  • Deep Above (8:47)
  • Conquest (7:23)
  • Altitudine 5 (6:01)
  • Clarity (8:41)
  • Assembly Line (5:50)
  • Rotazione (9:10)
  • The Visionary Suite (14:44)
    • Part I: Virtues
    • Part II: Glory & Doom
    • Part III: Shards
  • The Tunnel (7:18)
  • Deacon Position (8:04)

Massimo - Drums, V-Drums, Keyboards, Sampler, All Compositions

Guest Musicians:
Barry Miles - Keyboards
John Swana - EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument)
Steve Giordano - Guitar
Shawn Q. - Guitar
Jason Shattil - Electric Piano
Tim Lekan - Electric Bass


This is my 3rd solo effort as an independent musician. The Visionary is an album that, much like my first CD, Mind Over Matter, is a result of finding my own voice as a composer and drummer, and trying to be the change I’d like to see in the world. It is also the first time I’ve put together a suite (it runs at about 15 minutes), and it’s a three-part composition.

Just like my previous works, The Visionary is inspired by the need of being stimulated musically with the help of influences that range from Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Surrealism, all wrapped in Jazz-Fusion.

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