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Released: August 8th, 2011




Cycles Of Fusion in scientific terms:  Science has brought us the theory that the Fusion of elemental particles caused a reaction with amounts of energy so extreme, it led to a massive explosion creating the universe.  Tons of matter were created and spread over a seemingly infinite amount of space and time.  As time moved forward, some of this matter fused together to form denser objects like planets.  Several galaxies were created made up of these planets, and more matter.. like our sun, moons, stars etc.. 


At some point in time, looking back, everything will have had a life span of its own.  We know that the stars have a life cycle and some celestial matter will die off due to natural chemical reactions, possibly even planets..  i.e. a massive celestial body like a meteor could do a planet in.  As with the beginning of the universe, further fusion of chemicals or matter could spawn off newer planets or even galaxies at some point in time.  In effect, we have beginnings.. and endings leading to new beginnings.. 


Cycles Of Fusion musically: The creation of individual compositions coming together through the Fusion of Jazz, Rock, Blues and Funk, melding a universal sound.  Along with acoustic guitar and piano sounds, several classic retro-keyboard sounds were used along with sequences, arps, atmospheric synths and electric guitar with effects, at times creating "celestial soundscapes", staying true to the theme and hopefully creating something interesting to a listeners ears.  Through osmosis, I channeled sounds and ideas from some of my favorite bands and musicians.  In these compositions you will hear the fusion of genres, some more modern, some more reflective of the past dating back to the seventies.  








Our Galaxy - The Milky Way

The Milky Way is only one of about 80-100 billion galaxies in the part of the universe visible to us.


Scientists believe there may be more beyond our observable limit, about 400,000 years after "The Big Bang".